Karmic Chameleon

25 Aug

I have been thinking a lot lately about karma.  Is it just my imagination, or has the significance placed on the karmic wheel increased dramatically in recent years?

Of course Karma existed when I was a nipper, but it is not something you heard people dropping into conversation casually, at every opportunity, nobody would qualify the misfortune of a deserved individual by saying “karma’s a bitch”.

So, this got me thinking, is this the result of people opening their minds to new religious doctrines and beliefs, or is it a result of an erosion of faith in traditional religious beliefs which ultimately means that people who once waited for God to exact vengeance now await for the natural balance of a bad action leading to a bad circumstance for the wrongdoer?

Or, is this just another ‘fashion belief’ that will fade into the background of people’s consciousness as quickly as it arose?

Also, if karma really does exist, then how does one wishing for bad karma on others colour our own karma, surely if we are seething with resentment and hoping for vengeance then we are sending the bad karma in our own direction, so is this the karmic cycle?  Then if we are wishing for bad karma for another person  then surely this will actually stop any bad karma finding that person because our wish is vengeful.


So this lead me to muse on the concept of ancient karma and wonder, have I ever been part of it’s cycle?

I remember as a child awaking really early in the morning to slip a trick soap into the bathroom for my sister to use.  I knew she would be tired so early after her late night and would just wash her face, and apply a little make-up with her eyes closed.  Sure enough, she walked down the hill, stood at the bus stop and boarded the early morning commuter bus to work her face streaked in soot.  My poor sister,  she must have looked like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins.  The one thing I can never forget, is her extremely agitated and beyond fuming face when she arrived home that evening, and oh she knew it was down to her little sister.

So does the execution have a time span, how long before that wheel spins round and it’s your turn to face the karmic fallout?

Approximately thirty years later, and a couple of years after my sister was no longer on this earthly plane, my lovely partner bought me a chapstick, as I had suffered a heavy cold and my lips were extremely chapped.  I failed to notice it was a coloured chapstick and was a bright ‘Marilyn’ red.  So being an individual prone to extremes, I decided that I would smear again, with the chapstick, again and again and hell why not just apply it all the way up to my nose.  No I didn’t look in the mirror, well why would I, it’s only chapstick right?

I paced around in my store serving customers, talking to them in depth about the merits of certain items we had for sale. meanwhile, my partner was both mortified and convulsing with amusement in equal measure and far too scared to tell me the truth and the customers were too gobsmacked to say anything, I spent a good hour looking like ‘Baby Jane Hudson’.

Another example of delayed, karma could be as a child, whenever we used to travel from Hampshire to the North West of England, my father made a point of always stopping  in the West Midlands for a ‘bite to eat’ because the West Midlands accent always made me double over with laughter and I could barely keep from guffawing  as the ‘Brummie’ waitress asked for our order.

So let’s flash forward again, this time thirty-five  years, I now possess a chameleon accent which derives from all the different ares I have lived throughout my life, let’s call it a karmic chameleon accent, because it is heavily tinged with a West Midlands burr, yes extremely heavily tinged. Actually most people I encounter actually think I am a Brummie.    Okay I am a believer damn bloody that Karmic Chameleon.

So, I wonder was this my karma for that childish prank, had the karmic wheel finally span my way?

So does karma operate in a Russian Roulette styli, sometimes you get the bullet and sometimes it’s just the blank?  If it exists or if it’s just the work of coincidence and synchronicity, I find Karma a wonderfully alluring concept.  It is most certainly an ethos for our age, deep breaths, still your ire…..the wheel is turning, karma will be your bitch in the end.

2 Responses to “Karmic Chameleon”

  1. adele205 August 25, 2012 at 10:29 pm #

    I really enjoyed that Angie im a believer in karma look forward to reading more

    • angelacollings August 25, 2012 at 10:52 pm #

      Thank-you so much Adele, so glad you enjoyed it, I am a want to believer in karma xxxxx

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